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Providing A Holistic Animal Health Solution

Cibus Animal Nutrition

Cibus helps farmers feed the world, raise happy, healthy animals and protect the environment through nutraceutical innovation. We understand the challenges facing the livestock industry and have developed ingredient solutions that include everything from basic commodities to a range of specialty ingredients to help our customers optimise animal health, production and profits.

We develop and produce highly fortified vitamin and mineral supplements, feed additives, and feed premixes. Our nutraceutical solutions cover mycotoxin risk management and natural growth promotion for ruminants, poultry and swine.


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Vetcare Africa

Vetcare Africa specialises in the development and manufacture of high quality Animal Health and Animal Nutrition Solutions. We are dedicated to the research, development and marketing of both new products and innovative, differentiated generics.

Vetcare Africa is currently one of the most trusted suppliers of animal health and nutrition products in East Africa under the Cibus Animal Nutrition and Alfavet Animal Health Brands of the United Kingdom. Much of the product portfolio have become household names among East African veterinarians and farmers.

We are recognized for our commitment to the production of high quality affordable products.

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