About Alfa-Vet

Healthy Animals for a Healthy Planet

Alfa-Vet Animal Healthcare provides a diverse portfolio of animal health products and services for livestock and poultry. We are committed to providing farmers and veterinarians with cost-effective solutions to manage disease, optimise flock performance, and improve profitability within sustainable conditions.

Alfa-Vet’s portfolio includes products which can be used from the first day of life through vaccination periods, feed changes, and preparing the animals for the market.

The poultry range includes products that focus on protecting flock against respiratory diseases and intestinal health products to optimise growth, feed efficiency, and egg production. Our ruminant livestock range includes broad-spectrum anthelmintics, which deworm against roundworms, tapeworms, and mature and immature liver fluke.

One Health

The concept of One Health recognises an ecosystem in which healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy environment work in balance for a healthier world. Through the One Health approach, Alfa-Vet Animal Healthcare seeks to develop solutions that address modern day sustainability challenges such as disease emergence, protein demand, and environmental degradation.

We recognise the impact animal health has on the health of people and the planet. They are all connected, and all contribute to the success and sustainability of our shared ecosystem for today and generations to follow. To achieve a future where everyone can live and thrive, we must make progress on three aspects of global health: healthy animals, people, and planet. And we believe it starts with animals.


Alfa-Vet seeks to promote healthy animals through improved animal welfare, disease prevention, and better quality of life for animals. This in turn limits the potential for disease spread, supports human well-being and livelihoods and provides nutrient-rich meat, milk, and eggs to support human health.


Access to healthy food options and a balanced diet including meat, milk, and eggs, supports human health from physical and cognitive development, preventing obesity, and maintaining muscle mass as we age. Additionally, the companionship of a pet improves physical, emotional and social well-being, enabling personal fulfilment and satisfaction.


Environmental health is essential to a thriving planet. Healthy animals fundamentally lessen the impact on the planet, as they require fewer resources. We seek to bring practices and innovation that help conserve natural resources, starting on the farm.

Quality Control

“From research and development to the manufacturing and distribution of our pharmaceuticals and other animal health products — efficacy, safety and quality are our primary considerations.”

We apply and adhere to a strict set of quality standards, and we have policies and procedures in place to identify, measure, control and sustain product-quality excellence. We continuously strive to improve these standards in order to enhance procedures and ensure on going compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

All manufacturing facilities that manufacture our products, and any company from which we purchase active ingredients and sterile products, must comply with cGMP. These standards include requirements for verifying the sources of incoming materials, and for the manufacturing, storage, handling and distribution of products.

Our Values


Our continual innovation, spirit of integration, and high standards improve quality throughout every aspect of our organisation. We remain focused on this core value as a means of meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers.


Alfa-Vet is ideally positioned to contribute towards the development of more sustainable food security. With the ever-intensifying challenges of sustainable food security, Alfa-Vet is committed to providing innovative and sustainable animal health solutions that best support the performance of animals.


Alfa-Vet is driven by the belief that new knowledge and technology must be brought to the market, faster and more effectively. Through extensive Research and Development, Alfa-Vet is committed to constant innovation to enable the production of animal health products that will improve animal welfare and performance.

Social Responsibility

We appreciate the fundamental role of progressive science in animal health and understand the deep responsibility we have to our consumers, animals, society and the planet. Alfa-Vet is committed to enabling the empowerment of rural farmers through supporting their ability to grow and manage their natural resources sustainably.